About Club HOX – Best Gym, Fitness and Yoga Center in Chandigarh


Club HOX welcomes you to new age complete fitness experience, with ultra modern & fully equipped gym, a scintillating swimming pool, private salon and cosy spa.

1st HOX Machine
is determination

We believe that first machine is your determination, that makes you work towards a healthy and fit lifestyle.

HOX provide you and all-round fitness arena for a true sense fitness regime. We have programs focusing on Cardio, Functional Training, Strengthening and Weight Management.

HOX Programs are designed to work towards your targeted goal. Our fitness experts help to set your goals and guide your efforts towards achieving it. .

At HOX we want our clients to “Feel the Difference” as a niche club. All our members have access to our personal trainers for advice and support, and all new members are offered a great value of personal consultation for start-up session with one of our friendly and knowledgeable fitness experts.

The gym floor has a motivating vibe, great view, plenty of room to move about, comfortable training spaces, and an extensive range of commercial strength and cardio equipment

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HOX Offers Customised Programs Exclusive To Your Needs. Book A Free Appointment To Get Your Plan Fixed.

HOX Offer An Experience Beyond Gymming with complete relaxation and grooming environment. Our Aqua pool & Aira spa hideouts will give you peace of mind.

Have a workout, followed by swim, indulge in luxurious spa and enjoy the services of Tress lounge Salon to make your day.

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Zumba Sessions
Bhangra Sessions
Belly Dance Sessions
TRX Training
HIIT Workout
Yoga Sessions
X-Fit Arena
Cross Fit Arena
Calisthenic exercise
Resistance exercises
Floor Activities
HOX Fitness, a renowned name in North India is the brainchild of Mr. Munish Bajaj. Owing to the determination, hard work and excellent entrepreneurial skills of Mr. Munish Bajaj, this venture came into existence in 2003 with its first exquisite salon, famed as Tress Lounge. Since then the brand has successfully expanded its presence in North India.Tress Lounge aims at providing its customers unmatched value tastefully wrapped in luxury.

Our expert professionals treat you through an aromatic journey where you come out flaunting, a beautiful you. HOX Fitness is a setting to indulge in you and celebrate the richness of life. It is a place where you can relax and pamper your senses. We pleasingly offer you skin, beauty, hair, makeup and nail art services which not only enhance your outer beauty but make you feel confident from inside. Our massage sessions help you relax, detoxify and stimulate your body. With an array of brands in our bucket, we strive to deliver an enriching experience and high customer satisfaction at the same time.

Fitness is an attitude towards life and at HOX we are passionate about that. Come and give yourself a chance to be what you aspire. Welcome to the endless possibilities in fitness cult!